Farmers access to agricultural science and technology are often constrained in spite of present achievement of information technology which not being doubtful. Therefore, there is a need to provide facilities closed and able to help the farmers accepting agricultural information in a wide meaning. This research reported here was aimed to (1) conduct survey on farming and farmer preference to integrated agriculture, (2) initiate the development of Field Studio on Integrated Agriculture (FSIA) through planting supporting feed crops, and (3) write leaflets on integrated farming of crops, livestock, and fish cultures based on LEISA approach. Survey results show the existence of interest of the North Pangulah Village, Kota Baru Sub-district, Karawang District, farmers to practice integrated farming. The initiation of FSIA has been executed by introducing paddy-paddy-mungbean cropping pattern. In supporting the integrated farming systems proposed,  coconut, banana, Leucaena, jackfruit,  Glyricidia, and king grass has been planted at the site and 10 leaflets on LEISA has been written. It is concluded that the FSIA should be developed continually and its socialization should be executed immediately  to farmer groups at related village.

Keywords: integrated agricultural system, LEISA, agricultural information.

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