Tangkai Gardenia is the name of the company which do and have specialization in Indoor (permanently or just decoration) and Outdoor garden design consultant. Our company existed since one year ago. Tangkai Gardenia was doing some project in Indoor and Outdoor garden design. For Indoor garden decoration, we had designed decoration for National Agriculture Conference in Bogor Agricultural University, National  Contest of Statistika Ria, Short course from The Bank of Mandiri for student who has got the scholarship from this Bank, Young Man National Symposium,etc. For Outdoor garden design, we had designed Integrated Farming Park for Agroedutourism In Bogor Agricultural University, Park of Hilal’s Islamic School, Agriculture Park of Hilal’s Islamic school,etc.

We are open for consultation from you..through all the city in Indonesia..don’t worry, we will give you the best services..God willing..

for further information please see our website on www.tangkaigardenia.com or facebook page on tangkai gardenia. you can also send a message to our e-mail on client@tangkaigardenia.com

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~Tangkai Gardenia’s crew